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We are Lucia a Marta, enthusiastic travellers and nature lovers. During our journeys to different corners of the Globe we had a chance to try different kind of natural beauty care products and their impact on our body. This became more then a hobby for us.


The reason we are here is, to give you also opportunity to try the positive effects of these natural products on Your skin. 



Never-get-bored destination? 


Lucia: India, because it is chaotic and calming at the same time.

Marta: Indonesia, this is the place, which I will never get bored to visit over and over.



What have you sacrificed for good cosmetics? 


Lucia: Quit my job.. good things are worth being searched for, so was my journey to find these beauty products.

Marta: Several times during my travels my luggage had overweight, since I bought a stock of my favourite hair tonic. I had to get rid of something ... did not think too much and I chose to throw away couple of leggins.



Ingredient that you would not change for anything?


Lucia: Aloe Vera... it helps me to deal with my combination and acne-prone skin. But I have to mention one more product that I love and it is Rose water...I love the smell of roses and feeling of instant refreshment it provides to my skin.

Marta: Coconut... while travelling, I should keep my cosmetics as light as possible. I found that coconut oil can be used as multipurpose ingredient ... it can replace my facial cream, body lotion, hair oil and make-up remover. That is why I love it. :)



What you like to do on a lazy day?


Lucia: Leisure walking, in the mountains, by the sea or in the city; do yoga or summer sports. If in creative mood, I would take brush or pencil and put something on paper.

Marta: When I am by the ocean, I like to take my camera and capture underwater life. On land I like to spend time practicing yoga.





Lucia: They are actually 2 in 1: "Follow your dreams & on that journey treat everyone the way as if you were in their skin and wished to be treated by others". 

Marta: "Doing what you like is FREEDOM, liking what you do is HAPPINESS".