HelemaalShea is a small business located in De Rijp, North - Holland. We make soap, shampoo bars and zero waste skin and hair care by hand.


All products are made with natural ingredients, are vegan and mostly organic and/ or fair trade. All products and ingredients are not tested on animals. The soaps are handmade in small batches so you get always fresh a product.


Coffee scrub soap

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This handmade soap provides a mild peeling and removes odor. The smell of coffee, vanilla,...


Matcha green tea soap

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€5.43 €6.79

A handmade, natural soap made with vegetable oils and butters such...

Monoi de Tahiti shampoo bar

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Handcrafted solid coconut oil shampoo with Tahitian gardenias. The shampoo contains essential...


Solid conditioner for...

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€11.66 €12.95

The solid conditioner bar for normal to dry hair is a pure, handmade solid conditioner full of...